Alessandro Moroder 'Secret'

Alessandro Moroder 'Secret'

Alessandro Moroder


November 12, 2022 - December 19, 2022

With Secret, Alessandro Moroder investigated disparate themes such as time, vernacular, and alternate forms of engagement by creating and confronting a new discourse of consciousness and memory though nature, materiality, and communication.

For the works in “Secret”, Moroder took a series of photographs around his hometown of Los Angeles, responding to his direct landscape. He then printed the photos directly onto silk chiffon and stretched them over wooden stretcher bars, offering a newly formed dialogue between consciousness, communication, and materiality. These new works offer a correspondence between the past and the present, creating a new, highly personal vernacular and, ultimately, examining how memory is formed, displayed (or hidden), and one’s understanding of it. For the majority of these paintings, he refers back to the same single photo, using different fragments of it in order to depict how cherished moments are slowly and, perhaps subconsciously, altered and transformed over a lifetime. They attempt to address two stages of memory: the past, as related to the photos taken and its’ engagement; and the present, the interaction of material arrangement, medium, and the viewer.

The works function as a conceptualization of a dream-like gaze, where liminal space, movement, and nature create new markers of time and reality. 

You can listen to a playlist of music curated for and played on the opening night here.


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