Daniel Albrigo's 'Set Break'

Daniel Albrigo's 'Set Break'

Daniel Albrigo

'Set Break'

October 1, 2022 - November 3, 2022

Daniel Albrigo's ‘Set Break’ showcased a collection of photos from his archive that he painted using Sumi ink, a traditional Japanese black ink used for over 2000 years in painting and tattooing. The collection hangs as half-remembered dreamscapes featuring Dead Heads, intricate still-lifes, warped street shots, and art-world icons Genesis P-Orridge, Mario Ayala, and Paul Flores, among others.

Daniel Albrigo is a Long Beach-based artist working within the medium of painting. His work utilizes photography, drawing, and experimental printing methods, taking influence from modern American culture and exploring classical and contemporary themes of realism, both appropriated and observed.












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