Group Exhibit 'Longshore Drift'

Group Exhibit 'Longshore Drift'

Group Exhibit

'Longshore Drift'

February 11, 2023 - April 2, 2023

Longshore Drift was a multi-disciplinary group show, curated by LA County Historical Society.

Longshore Drift provided a retrospective observation and celebration of art in the four following mediums: surf, skate, street, and beach. A comprehensive survey of Los Angeles County’s history of surfing, featuring a diverse body of artworks created and centuries of combined effort, characterized by experimentation.

In the exhibition, work from the iconoclastic Skip Engblom and Craig Stecyk III sat alongside that of more contemporary figures such as Sage Vaughn, Brendon Lynch, and Devin Reynolds. The show celebrated the work that emanates from this community; an expansive, world-shifting collection of photos, sculptures, paintings, and mixed-media pieces, both historical and completely of the here and now.

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