Jake Vanden Berge 'Metal Perfume'

Jake Vanden Berge 'Metal Perfume'

Jake Vanden Berge

'Metal Perfume'

July 22, 2023 - September 9, 2023

Jake Vanden Berge returns for his second exhibition, titled 'Metal Perfume.'

The show finds Vanden Berge in collaboration with fellow LA-based artists Mark Morones and Nick Green, showcasing a collection of atmospheric oil paintings that converse with and soften the stark, visceral sculptures and metal installations from Morones and Green.
Vanden Berge's work across 'Metal Perfume' catches the beauty present in every-day life, placing still life next to doomsday captures and sci-fi visions.

Jake Vanden Berge is a self-taught artist from Whittier, California. Originally inspired by comic art, his work first took form at a young age, honing into mixed-format drawings. With the push of fellow LA-based artist Matt McCormick, who has taken Vanden Berge under his wing, he predominately now paints, exploring nostalgia, memory, and his utopic suburban visions.

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